Joel: WooCommerce is the world’s most popular ecommerce platform. Powered by WordPress and built by WooThemes, the goal of WooCommerce is to allow you to sell anything online – beautifully. You can integrate with payment processors, easily manage shipping methods and inventory, set up flexible tax rules, and view detailed store reports all from your WordPress dashboard.

Segment: What are a few of your favorite customer stores?

Joel: I’m glad you asked this! Trolling through WooCommerce sites and seeing all the amazing ways our platform is being used is one of my favorite things to do. Some of my favorites are Porter & YorkHatcherySanta Monica Pier and Pedego.

he concept Build Measure & Learn of build, measure and learn was somewhat new when I came to WooThemes, but it has since become an integral part of what we do. As much as possible we try to understand our customer needs and behavior, and then base business decisions on this information. Data drives most of our decisions at WooThemes, and in the instances where we take chances, we always try to learn from the data following any experiment.

Joel: My role is mainly focused on forming new relationships with companies we have a WooCommerce integration with or companies we are interested in working with. Sometimes it’s hard to measure the value of a relationship, but it always feels good to see new products hitting the market or to see a special offer go out to our customers. I’d like to think that a large part of my role is making WooCommerce and WooThemes look more attractive by working with only the best ecommerce and WordPress services. We are always looking to provide new valuable offerings and tools to our users. It’s always a huge win when we can create partnerships where the customer wins (by saving money), the service partner wins by acquiring new users, and we win by generating revenue.